Pompeii Winery Visit and Lunch Bosco de Medici

The Best Winery to Visit After Pompeii or Vesuvius

Discovering the beautiful archeological site of Pompeii is so much fun, but after a few hours of walking through the impressive site you will likely be ready to sit down and relax, enjoying a delicious meal with wine. We can arrange for the perfect stop for you! On a full day Pompeii and Vesuvius Excursion from Naples or Salerno Ports we can take you to have a visit and tasting lunch at Bosco de’Medici Winery.

Perfect Pompeii Lunch Stop

Bosco de’ Medici is an organic winery located next to the site of Ancient Pompeii (about 30 minutes from Naples) with several different vineyards that go far up the slopes of the only active volcano on continental Europe: Mt. Vesuvius. Blessed with a unique soil rich in pumice and ash from the eruptions going back thousands of year, the vines are grown in earth that is deep and unstructured producing wines that have an incredible minerality. This minerality is enhanced by a freshness and complexity that arrives from the temperate weather guaranteed by the location and breeze off the nearby Tyrrhenian Sea.

Discovering the Wines and Food of Bosco de’ Medici

This winery has only been open to visitors for a little over two years, but with a motto of “History is our future” the young and energetic staff have created a winery that is innovative and new but steeped in both the natural and human history that surrounds it. The winery grows the local grape varieties of Piedirosso, Caprettone, Aglianico, and Falanghina to make both white and red wines. They produce both Pompeiano IGT wines as well as Vesuvio DOC Lacryma Cristi Rosso and Bianco wines. Depending on the type of wine, it might be aged in stainless steel, barrels, or even terracotta amphora. The wine that is made in the amphora, which are buried in the ground, is unique to this winery, following winemaking techniques used by the population living in ancient Pompeii (Greek and Roman methods). The winery produced only 350 bottles of special amphora-aged wine last year and sold out completely, but they plan to keep making more of this special historic wine.

Visit and Lunch Bosco de’ Medici

The visit includes a short tour of the closest vineyard where they have purposefully planted one row of vines just to show how to grow vines for quantity, next to the other rows which are planted for quality. This is to help visitors understand the different techniques that can be used in the vineyard to produce quality wines. As you walk through the vineyard you will notice the beautiful rose bushes planted at the end of each row. This organic farming technique is used because roses are more delicate than the vines and they will show stress from insects or mildews before the vines themselves. By getting this pre-warning of problems, the vineyard staff can intervene to prevent the vines from being attacked by the same insect or harmful agent.  You will also visit the modern cellar located next to a Roman Necropolis dating back to 79AD. As well as the museum, which is still being finalized, located in the charming old farmhouse.

After being seated in the lovely covered outside eating area, you can enjoy the basic typical menu including bruschetta with olive oil, Provolone cheese, Neopolitan salame, smoked Scamorza cheese, lemon flavored ricotta cheese, local prosciutto (ham), Paccheri pasta with a fantastic local tomato sauce, and ending with a dessert of Babà with Limoncello and pastry cream. Or you can choose to upgrade for an additional cost to a special menu, either one based on dishes served in Roman times including Gladiator soup and smoked salmon (this is always recommended when doing our Day as a Roman tour) or a seafood menu which is out of this world. The meal is served paired with 4 outstanding estate wines and you will receive an explanation of the wines you taste.

We look forward to taking you to a fantastic stop during your full day tour with us, to taste authentic Italy. Please note that children are welcome and are offered a child's menu - they love the relaxed environment with space to run around and yummy food!


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