Half Day tours from Salerno Port

Half day tours from the port of Salerno

Half day tours from the port of Salerno

It is possible to reserve half day tours from the port of Salerno to one of the following:



Length of tours approx 4/5 hours from pick up to drop off.

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Your visit to the haunting ruins of Pompeii will take you back to the fateful day in 79 A.D. when neighboring Mt. Vesuvius erupted, covering the prosperous Roman city in deadly volcanic ash.
On your visit to Pompeii you will have two hours free time to explore the fascinating site, we can hire (in advance) for you a tour guide so you can be expertly led around, let them answer your questions and bring the city back to life. You'll see the Forum, the Thermal Baths, Vetti's House and the "Lupanare" brothel, all buried by volcanic ashes during the eruption.

The tour can be extended please email info@aptours.it for further information.


Let us take you to Herculaneum, for two hours free time or let us organise (in advance) an authorised guide for a two hour guided tour. You reach the excavations by walking down a broad avenue from the site entrance gate. It's a fabulous walk, with spectacular views across the sea and with the gridded streets of Herculaneum, fringed by cypresses and palm trees, lying snugly below the terraced walkway. The force of the eruption on this day in AD79, and a subsequent eruption in 1631, raised the land mass surrounding the smothered town to over 20m above its former level, so that even when stripped of its volcanic coating it now resembles a sunken city. Yet, strangely, the overall effect is not depressing. It is the smaller things that fascinate here. At the bakery, you can see a collection of baking tools. The weaver's shop contains the remains of a wooden loom. Out in the open, for reasons that soon become obvious, you find the wool press - along with the basins in which skeins of wool were painstakingly bathed in animal urine as a cleansing agent.

The tour can be extended please email info@aptours.it for further information. 



Positano is one of the most famous and picturesque villages to visit on the amalfi coast. Pastel coloured homes clinging gently to the mountain side. Starting from the Piazza Mulino follow the the traffic free streets, visiting the myriad of shops on the way down to the waterfront and beach. Here on the sea front you will find wonderful restaurants and bars, where you can sit eating or drinking and gaze back up at the beautiful town you have just strolled through.

Free time in Positano is around two hours, if you wish to extend the time please email info@aptours.it for further information.


Perched on tufa rock rising 50 mtrs above the sea, with a panoramic view over the bay of Naples, Sorrento is one of the most romantic and beautiful cities in Italy. Its enchanting nature encourages you to just sit in the piazzas and take in the atmosphere. The local people have gone along way to make visitors feel welcome and safe. The district is especially noted for its oranges, lemons, lace, nuts and the town for inlaid woodwork (intarsia). The local liquor (limoncello) is very popular and delightful to drink in the evening while people watching.

Free time in Sorrento is around two hours, if you wish to extend the time please email info@aptours.it for further information. 



Vesuvius is neither the highest nor the most dangerous volcano in the world, but the eruption that buried Pompeii and Herculaneum has made it one of the most famous.
Vesuvius, mainland Europe's only active volcano has erupted around a hundred times since the fateful morning in August 79AD; the last eruption was in 1944. The 1,281 metre summit of Vesuvius can be reached after a 30 minute walk. Views into the crater, over Naples, and on the far end, over to Pompeii are breathtaking.

Enjoy a half day tour to Vesuvius, with two hours to explore the crater and return calmly to the driver.


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