Gastronomic tour from the port of Naples

Naples cruise port Gastronomic Food Tour

Naples cruise port Gastronomic Food Tour

Excursion 7 – Gastronomic tour – full day

Experience Italy, don't just see it — savour the flavours.

Perfect tour for food lovers to learn the secrets of Italian cuisine, thrill your taste buds with delicious, freshly made delights.




Tap into the locals' expertise for the ultimate recommendations!

Start your adventure with a visit to Gargiulo Olio, a small family owned ‘extra virgin’ olive oil factory. Enjoy breathtaking views overlooking Sorrento as you stroll through orchards of olive, lemon and orange trees,  surrounding you with the scent of the various blossoms. Take part in the olive oil production process, from tree to bottle, through a captivating demonstration, followed by a delicious tasting of this fine Extra Virgin Olive Oil on freshly baked bread and some surprise tastings to awaken your taste buds!

Enroute to our next destination - the mozzarella and cheese makers - we pause for a fantastic photo opportunity over the two bays - the bay of Salerno and the bay of Naples - and a bird's eye view of the famous Amalfi Drive.

You will be welcomed with open arms by a family with over 50 years of experience in dairy farming. After touring the farm, observe the making of mozzarella (a cheese that originated from the Naples area), engaging in a wonderful explanation of the entire process from the 1st drop of milk to the final product. This freshly made mozzarella becomes part of a delicious lunch …

LUNCH ... Time for a true Italian lunch, included in the price, set in peaceful grounds of the family-run farm. Sit back and relax with antipasto of local 'in season' vegetables, fresh mozzarella and salami, followed by freshly made pasta, served with local wine and soft drinks, finishing with Limoncello, a local liquor used as a digestive drink by the Italians, and a great way to freshen your taste buds! 

Continuing our culinary voyage, we gradually make our way back to Naples Port, where another delightful experience awaits. A local winery, nestled against the iconic backdrop of the renowned volcano, Mt. Vesuvius, for a one-of-a-kind wine tasting. This enchanting vineyard, blessed by the volcanic soil, offers a sensory journey that transcends ordinary wine tasting. As you explore the vineyard, guided by passionate experts, you'll witness firsthand the meticulous care given to the grapevines, absorbing the essence of the terroir. With a selection of 4 wines to savour, each sip tells a story of experience, innovation and artistry of winemaking in a volcanic area, blessed with a mild climate.

A perfect end to a day devoted to savouring the delights of Southern Italy.


This tour itinerary needs your cruise liner to be in Naples Port for a minimum of 9 hours, if you dock for less we can shorten the tour.

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