5 Best Stops During a Naples Transfer

Add a stop going to or from the Amalfi Coast

Add a stop going to or from the Amalfi Coast

If you are arriving or departing from Naples city or Naples Port don’t miss the opportunity to see some of the amazing stops on route during your transfer to the Amalfi Coast. During your drive you will be going past Unesco World Heritage Sites containing archeological treasures, amazing wineries and restaurants, the active volcano Mt. Vesuvius, and some of the most breathtaking coastline and charming cities in all of Italy. No matter what your interests, there is an exciting stop that can easily be added to your transfer with one of our excellent English-speaking drivers. You can not only get where you need to go, but see something spectacular along the way and enjoy the journey.

TRANSFER from Naples to Sorrento or Positano ADD A STOP in Pompeii 

Distance from Naples to Pompeii: 30 minutes and is literally a 5-minute exit from the motorway.

Recommended stopping time: 2 hours

If you are heading from Naples to the towns on the Amalfi Coast such as Sorrento, Positano or Amalfi (or doing the reverse into Naples!) then be sure to take advantage of a stop in Pompeii: one of the most amazing archeological finds in the world. The ancient Roman city of Pompeii was buried under tons of ash in the explosion in 79A.D.  Today millions of visitors from around the world marvel at the incredibly preserved city and inhabitants that remain frozen in time. We are happy to arrange for an English-speaking guide for a two hour private tour of Pompeii who can also provide skip-the-lines tickets so you don’t have to wait in line.

TRANSFER from Naples to Sorrento or Positano ADD A STOP Vesuvius volcano

Distance from Naples to Mt. Vesuvius Parking area: 30 minutes

Recommended stopping time: 2 hours

If you have nature lovers or perhaps a budding geologist in your group or are just interested in the thrilling idea of climbing an active volcano, then a stop at Mt. Vesuvius should be on your list. Your driver can take you up the panoramic drive to the parking area located below the summit. From there, you will pay an entrance fee and hike to the top on foot. The hike takes approximately 25 minutes, and you need to be in good shape and wear walking or hiking shoes as it is a dirt trail. Children are welcome. As you make your way to the top there are incredible views to the Bay of Naples below and at the top you will find friendly park rangers who can tell you a bit about the volcano as you gaze into its interior or walk around the rim.

TRANSFER from Naples to Amalfi Coast ADD A STOP in archeological park of Herculaneum

Distance from Naples to Herculaneum: 25 minutes

Recommended stopping time: 2 hours

Perhaps you have already been to the Amalfi Coast area and done the major sites like Pompeii and are looking for something new to explore. Why not enjoy a stop in Herculaneum, a site similar to Pompeii that was buried in the same explosion in 79A.D., but that offers different artifacts and highlights to explore. We are happy to arrange a private English-speaking guide so you can get the most out of your stop.

TRANSFER from Naples to Amalfi Coast ADD A STOP at a Winery for Wine Tasting & Lunch

Distance from Naples to Winery: 40 minutes

Recommended stopping time: 2 hours

If you will be arriving in Naples sometime before lunch and would like to experience some of the delicious local food and wine, we are happy to add a fantastic stop at a wonderful local winery at the foot of Mt. Vesuvius. Learn about the various types of local grapes grown in the mineral rich volcanic soil on the slopes of a still-active volcano and the very drinkable wine produced right on the estate. Enjoy a typical farm style lunch in a pleasant atmosphere in the countryside location before heading on to your hotel on the Amalfi Coast. This is the perfect stop for a foodie or wine lover.

TRANSFER from Naples to Positano or Ravello ADD A STOP in Sorrento and Olive Oil tasting

Distance from Naples to Sorrento: 1 hour and 20 minutes

Recommended stopping time: 2 hours in Sorrento + 1 hour for olive oil tasting

If you are traveling from Naples to one of the towns further down the Amalfi Coast such as Positano or even Amalfi or Ravello, and are not sure if you will be making it back to Sorrento during your trip, why not ask us to add an on route stop in the beautiful town of Sorrento either on your arrival or departure day transfer? We can plan a two hour stop for shopping, sightseeing, or perhaps a lunch or gelato and then if desired also include an olive oil visit in a local family run shop that lasts about one hour, allowing you to learn about and taste this magnificent local extra virgin olive oil in all its delicious varieties and flavors. 






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