The Perfect Pompeii and Sorrento Day Tour with Kids

Keeping kids happy on a Naples Shore excursion with food and fun 

Coming to Italy, be it on a cruise ship or on a family vacation staying in this beautiful country, can be an amazing, world-expanding experience that is enjoyable for the whole family. But there are a few things that we have found are essential to keeping kids happy on the road: keeping them fed, going at a slower pace, planning activities that they can actively participate in, and letting them get their hands dirty (we prefer with pizza dough and sticky gelato)! Here is the perfect day we have created for our clients traveling with children to the Amalfi Coast, Sorrento and Naples area.  

Experience awesome Pompeii but at a kids pace

Our Child Friendly Tours are formatted to optimize child enjoyment and reduce parental stress. The first essential is having a dedicated private English-speaking driver and air-conditioned vehicle at your disposal for the day. Your morning activity, when everyone is well rested and ready to experience Italy, is the beautiful archeological park of Pompeii. We highly recommend reserving a guide, and we will assign you one that is great with kids! The guide can bring you right into the park, allowing you to skip the lines, and kids get in free if they are under 18 years old. We recommend keeping the visit to two hours or less and your guide can take you to the most important sites and tell fun stories that really bring Ancient Rome to life for your family. Read our blog post about Pompeii with kids for more tips about visiting the park as a family. 

Pizza making with kids in Sorrento pizzeria

Two hours of educational experiences is about all most kids can handle. Your driver will be waiting for you as you exit Pompeii and you will head straight to Sorrento to a lovely pizzeria. After an introduction to the friendly and fun pizzaiolo (pizza master) the kids will get to make their own margherita pizza and then the whole family will relax and enjoy the individual pizzas straight from the wood-fired oven with a soft drink and a little taste of limoncello liqueur from the Sorrento lemons for the parents.

Gelato is a must on a kid-friendly tour of the Amalfi Coast

Now your family will have time for a stroll around the charming seaside town of Sorrento. If the kids are small perhaps they can nap in their buggies as you shop and enjoy the beautiful views and relaxed environment. No kid-friendly tour can end without at least a taste of gelato. If your kids are a little older, why not learn to make their favorite treat? Our local Sorrento gelato shop opens their doors and teaches you the secrets of creating delicious artisanal gelato with local ingredients. After some sticky hands and a few samples to see what flavor you all like the best, everyone gets a big cone to enjoy!

Your tour ends when your private English-speaking driver returns you to your hotel or cruise ship in the Port of Naples, Sorrento or Salerno. We hope our tips will help you make the most of your Italian vacation and we look forward to having you as our guests here in Sorrento on your next shore excursion! Get in touch for personalized travel itineraries and solutions for you and your family for the perfect day. 



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