Top Tips for Taking Kids to Pompeii

What you need to know before going to Pompeii with kids

What you need to know before going to Pompeii with kids

The Pompeii Archeological Park is located a 30-minute drive from Naples in the town of modern day Pompei a small Italian city. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a must-see destination for anyone traveling to nearby Naples, Salerno, or the Amalfi Coast or even as a day trip from Rome. While most people have heard of Pompeii, many don’t realize just how large it is! Pompeii is the site of entire city of around 10,000 to 16,000 people that was completely buried in ash and debris in 79AD when nearby Vesuvius volcano erupted. The park covers an approximate 67 hectors or 170 acres, so trying to see it all if you are traveling with kids is totally out of the question. You can however have a fantastic visit if you plan ahead and use our top tips for visiting Pompeii with kids.

Arrive early or late

The busiest time in Pompeii is the summer, and the summer in Southern Italy can be hot. Avoid the peak hours of heat in the middle of the day by going early. From April 1st to October 31st, the park opens on weekdays at 9:00am and on the weekends at 8:30am. Get there right at opening time when your kids are fresh and energetic and the weather is cooler. Or, if you can’t do an early visit, go late, like after 3pm or even later. From April 1st to October 31st the park stays open until 7:30pm every day with last entrance at 6pm.

Hire a guide

As you are most likely working with some very short attention spans, it is important to know that the perfect length for a guided tour for kids is around 2 hours. We urge you to avoid wandering around all day searching for the sites in the hot sun dragging your kids behind you. We can arrange for an English-speaking guide that knows Pompeii inside and out and will take you and your kids to the best sites, and better yet, the shortest and best routes for seeing the most interesting sites for children. Your guide will also have funny stories to tell and get the kids laughing thinking about poop running right down the middle of the street with the ancient open sewer. A guide is the best way to keep the kids entertained and excited for your visit and can help you make the visit short and sweet with some education squeezed in there as well. 

Dress for success

The Archeological Park of Pompeii has very little shade or covered areas and has uneven pavement and stone streets. It is imperative that kids (and adults for that matter) are in comfortable walking shoes, layered clothing, and a hat if you are coming in the warmer months. Sunscreen is also very important! Please remember that as per the Pompeii visitor rules, large backpacks, luggage or bags over cm 30x30x15 and other bulky items are not allowed. We recommend you keep it light and bring just a small bag or backpack, but if you need there is a cloakroom onsite where these items can be left for free.

Stay hydrated and don’t get "hangry"

As anyone who has traveled with kids knows very well, the two most important factors for having happy kids is keeping them hydrated and avoiding cranky moments when blood sugar gets low (the famous hangry = hunger + anger moments). Bring bottles of cold water and small snacks that are easy to pull out and munch as you are walking around the site. At the exit, be sure to stop for a fresh squeezed orange juice to keep hydrated and load up on the Vitamin C.

Skip the Lines & Avoid Parking Hassles

If we arrange for a guide for you, then you will get to use the fast pass and go right in to the park without waiting in line. This is a huge advantage, especially when traveling with kids, as we all know that while waiting in line is the best opportunity to punch your little brother and annoy your parents. Better yet, if you have booked a vehicle and English-speaking driver with us you can avoid the hassle of parking and finding the entrance, your driver will take you directly to meet your guide right at the entrance and will be waiting there for you upon your return. You can even choose to continue the day with a lovely lunch nearby overlooking the sea on the Amalfi Coast or at a local winery where kids are welcome and served delicious local spaghetti and red sauce. Make the whole day a huge win by combining some archeological exploration in the morning and then Sorrento and gelato making in the afternoon – the perfect day for kids! Get in touch now for a personalized quote for exactly the day you are dreaming of.

Bring ID's and Kids Get in Free!

You will be happy to learn that kids under 18 years of age get in free to Pompeii archeological site, but you must remember to bring a valid photo ID with age to show if requested. The adult ticket is Euro 15 per person.


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