Shore excursions from the cruise port of Salerno

Salerno cruise excursions

Salerno cruise excursions

Exciting tours available every day from the Port of Salerno. Make the most of your time in port visiting the places that appeal to you most at your own pace. Reserve your private, deluxe vehicle with English-speaking driver to experience this amazing area.

If you don't want to be hurried around on a big coach tour then we are your solution!  We offer a deluxe vehicle with an English-speaking driver for your time in port to visit the places you want to see. 

Enjoy one of the set itineraries or contact us to create your own itinerary with our professional, qualified English speaking reservation team.



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Port of Salerno information ...

What to do from the cruise ship when visiting the Port of Salerno?

SALERNO is a port that offers an extensive list of wonderful places to see.  The more well known places include the two famous Archaeological sites of Pompeii and Herculaneum which are close by as is the only live Volcano on mainland Europe, Mt Vesuvius. But let’s not forget that right on the doorstep is one of the most spectacular coastlines in the world - the Amalfi Coast - home to three towns that words cannot describe; Positano, Amalfi and Ravello.  If you feel that you need persuading further, add in a touch of shopping, a bit of relaxation, some delicious food and the world famous wines. Also, the third Archaeological site of Paestum is just south of Salerno and is home to some of the best preserved monuments of Magna Grecia including three temples, the largest being the Temple Of Neptune.  Arriving on your cruise into this port means you really are spoilt for choice.

BOOK NOW, before you travel. On arrival in to Salerno your professional English-speaking driver will be waiting to whisk you away - all you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the history, culture and amazing scenery that this area has to offer.

We are able to provide private, tailor-made shore excursions, conducted by professional English-speaking drivers in fully air-conditioned vehicles.

If this is not your first time to the area, ask us about our alternative itineraries including our wine tasting lunch or our family fun tours where you and your children make your own pizza. Let us know what you would like to see and we will create a personal tour for you and your family.

Arriving in the Cruise Port of Salerno, Italy

Sometimes overlooked by passengers, the Port of Salerno is a great place to dock. If your cruise is stopping here you are you can count yourself lucky as it is actually one of the most exciting ports with so many interesting places to visit within easy reach.

As you exit the cruise ship you will find your professional English speaking driver waiting for you and your group.  He will have a sign with your name on and be eager to whisk you away to start your fantastic day in this wonderful area.

We usually organise your tour to start at 8am and finish around 5pm; this depends on your ship arrival and sail times and will be adjusted to make the most of your day and to fit in perfectly with the time your ship docked.  Of course a punctual return to your ship is always one of our top priorities.

Please note that on our website we publish our most requested itineraries, but keep in mind these are just suggestions based on what our customers ask for. Our full day tour means that you hire a deluxe, air-conditioned vehicle with an English-speaking driver, giving you the flexibility to visit the places that interest you instead of being with a large group on a coach and having to follow a fixed schedule.

Some interesting facts about Salerno and its surroundingsā€¦

Salerno lies south east of Naples and was chosen by the Allies as the point where the main invasion force would land in September 1943.  This was due to the fact that it had landing beaches, around 32kms that were favourable to invaders, as well as nearby airfields and major roads that could be used by the Allied forces after a successful invasion.  By early October, the whole of Southern Italy was in Allied hands and as they headed north they met various defensive lines running across Italy.  It took until mid January of 1944 to fight through the lines reaching the backbone of the defences setting the scene for the four Battles of Monte Cassino which took place between January and May 1944.  Who knows how the Second World War would have ended if Salerno didn’t have such a long and perfect coastline.

When the Allies landed in Salerno in 1943, the Cathedral (Duomo) dedicated to Saint Matthew, San Matteo, was damaged during Operation Avalanche. 

The building of the Cathedral, which is found in the centre of the old town, started in 1076 and was finished in 1084 but the interior was remodelled in 1688 in Neapolitan Baroque and Rococo styles.  A restoration in the 1930s brought it back to a similar appearance to the original one.  In the crypt we can find the relics of the Saint Matthew to whom the church is dedicated.  The grand entrance is called the Porta dei Leoni, Door of the Lions, after the two marble lion statues flanking the doorway.  This Cathedral features a unique atrium surrounded on four sides with a portico and has a bell tower which is an impressive 56m tall.

The part of the church where the congregation sits is called the ‘Nave’, which means boat.  This is because the roof looks like an upturned boat. In the Duomo here in Salerno, this is an extremely evident feature.  The Latin for boat is ‘navis’, and from here we get the words navy and navigate.


We have already mentioned the most visited towns on the Amalfi Coast, but there are lots more that are less well known… 

The first or last town of the Amalfi Coast is Vietri sul Mare – the inhabitants claim that the Amalfi Coast begins at Vietri.  Referred to as ‘The First Pearl of the Amalfi Coast’ it is famous for its brightly coloured ceramics - flowerpots, vases, dishes and tiles which can be found in restaurants, hotels and homes throughout the Amalfi area.  Even the dome of the church is colourfully tiled in true Vietri style. 

The small village of Raito belongs to the municipality of Vietri Sul Mare, just over a kilometre away and has only 237 buildings of which 233 are used.  Famous for its terraced vineyards, Raito boasts Le Vigne Di Raito winery which is 100% biological. Here the Aglianico and Piedirosso grapes are mixed to produce the well known red, Ragis Rosso and the rose’ Vitamenia.  The village is also considered an exclusive resort as it is a peaceful location positioned on the Amalfi Coast offering stunning views. 

Just North of Vietri at around 200 metres above sea level we find the town of Cava de’ Tirreni – it lies in a valley situated between two mountain ranges – the Lattari mountains to the west, which separate the town from the Amalfi Coast and the Picentini mountains to the east.  In this charming city a mixture of ancient, Christian and modern cultures co-exist. Cava was a favourite vacation place used by the ancient nobles from Rome.  A splendid example of history, culture and works of art is the Benedictine Abbey of the Holy Trinity which was founded in 1011. 

Bordering Cava is the town of Tramonti – literally meaning ‘in the mountains’.  Vineyards, lemon groves and chestnut woodland are all found in abundance here given the favourable climate.  The Amalfi Coast Tramonti wines are produced under the Costa d’Amalfi DOC label and produced from grapes grown in the village.  Tramonti is one of only three villages in the area chosen as a producer of particularly fine wine – Furore and Ravello are the other two.  ‘Apicella’, ‘Reale’ and ‘Tenuta San Francesco’ are all wineries in Tramonti. 

Wines produced are: Apicella - Tramonti Costa d’Amalfi in red, white and rose’, Piedirosso, Colle Santa Marina - a sweet wine, Passion - a reserve and they also produce a Grappa; Reale – reds Cardamone and Borgo di Gete, white Aliseo and rose’ Getis; Tenuta San Francesco Tramonti red, white and rose’; Per Eva, 4 Spine and E’ Iss

Back in the 1860’s an epidemic hit the vineyards of France before moving on to the rest of Europe.  Italy and the area around Salerno was also badly affected.  The Phylloxera was unknowingly introduced into France by a wine merchant who imported American vine cuttings and planted them, giving the aphid (small sap-sucking insect) which hid in the roots of the cuttings, the opportunity it needed to spread.  Poison, flooding and burning were all tried as a method to kill the virus but all failed.  The soil in and around the Tramonti area and in the hills above Salerno contains volcanic ash thanks to Mt Vesuvius, still an active volcano.  Ash is carried by the wind across from the bay of Naples onto the hills.  In this volcanic soil there is a low amount of clay and the rain water actually sealed the soil so perfectly that it imprisoned the insects, therefore drowning them before they could thrive.  This is why, amazingly, the vines in this area survived the terrible epidemic back in the 1800’s and for the same reason the vineyards in Sicily on the slopes of Mount Etna were also unaffected.

So, the question is ... what can we visit from the Cruise Port of Salerno?

Pompeii and Amalfi Coast Excursion from Salerno port

If you are torn between spending your day visiting the incredible UNESCO archaeological site of Pompeii or appreciating the natural beauty of the spectacular Amalfi Coast, why not do both?

Let us take you to Pompeii to wander around this incredible open-air museum created by a natural disaster; stand on the actual streets that crumbled beneath the Romans' feet 2000 years ago - something that a lot of people only dream of doing.  To enrich your time in the site we can offer a qualified English-speaking guide who, with their passion and knowledge, will bring the ruins back to life for you.

After your taste of Roman life, we head to the Amalfi Coast where you have free time to visit one or two of the towns – Positano, Amalfi and Ravello.

Around every bend is a new and spectacular view. Below, crystal blue Mediterranean sea while towering above, the emerald green mountains. Pretty Positano showers down the mountainside; explore its alleys which are crammed with cafes and boutiques.  In Amalfi, we find the magnificent building of St Andrews Cathedral which dominates the main square with its dramatic flight of over 60 steps to the entrance and its facade brilliant with mosaics.  The town of Ravello has two amazing gardens to visit, one within the Villa Rufolo and the other at Villa Cimbrone. The town itself has an elegant feel with a couple of souvenir shops and quaint cafes and right in the middle of the main piazza is the Duomo.


Amalfi Coast Excursion from Salerno Port
Salerno shore excursions along the Amalfi Coast

Salerno shore excursions along the Amalfi Coast

If you are looking for a truly relaxing day along with experiencing the best scenery in the area then let one of our friendly, professional, English speaking drivers accompany you the full length of the Amalfi Coast, with plenty of opportunity to take the perfect photograph with the stops along the way.  You will have free time in the three main towns of Positano, Amalfi and Ravello.


First stop, the picturesque town of Positano where your driver will drop you right in the heart of the town, saving precious time and your legs! Giving you longer to wander the traffic free lanes filled with linen shops, art galleries and cafes.  Drive more of this world famous coast road until you reach Amalfi where you have another stop to explore - you may wish to admire the stunning cathedral of St. Andrew, take a short stroll to visit the paper mill or just enjoy the many designer shops.  For the last stop and more fabulous views, we head up into the hills to Ravello to enjoy the gardens of Villa Rufolo with its breathtaking view over the Amalfi Coast.  Wander through the main town area and visit the Cathedral. Enjoy a cool drink in the main Piazza, before meeting up again with your driver.  From here you driver will accompany you on a relaxing drive back to the port of Salerno.  Note that during the day your driver will be more than happy to suggest a restaurant to suit your lunch requirements.

Pompeii and Vesuvius Excursion from Salerno Port
Shore tour from Salerno Port

Shore tour from Salerno Port

We will take you to Pompeii where you can enjoy a two-hour stop at one of the most important Roman towns in Europe.  Why not opt for one of our authorised English speaking Guides to accompany you on a private tour around this vast site; their detailed explanation will help bring the ruins back to life as you explore this once thriving Roman City.

Your driver will take you to the 1000 metre mark of Mt Vesuvius – the only active volcano on mainland Europe. From there you have an optional 30 minute walk to the crater; once at the top you can actually walk a third of the way round; peer inside the crater where you may witness the streams of vapour, reminding us that it is still very much alive, and also enjoy spectacular views over the bay of Naples.

On request your driver will be able to suggest somewhere to stop for lunch; we do also have the option of a wine tasting lunch in a vineyard just a few minutes’ drive from Pompeii.  Whilst enjoying your lunch, you are able to sample four different wines along with rose prosecco and apricot grappa.

Ideas for alternative tour itineraries from Salerno
ideas for tours from Salerno

ideas for tours from Salerno

Whether you have visited this area before and would like an alternative itinerary or just wish to do something totally different, remember that we can create a day to suit your needs.  You can mix and match the places you wish to see (as long as we can fit it in with your ships’ arrival and sail times).  When you make a reservation for a full day private tour you have a vehicle and a friendly English speaking driver available for the day, making your tour more flexible.

Remember that we also offer child friendly tours so if you are travelling with younger members of the family, we have something that would suit them too!  From child friendly guides in Pompeii to a walk up Vesuvius; pizza making where they create their own pizza and then have it for lunch! or Gelato – take a class with lots of tasting or just enjoy a Gelato, there are so many flavours, you really are spoilt for choice!

More places of interest - Caserta Royal Palace and Gardens (about an hour North of Salerno); As well as Pompeii and Herculaneum, history lovers may appreciate Oplontis, know for the Roman Villa Poppaea; Naples Archaeological Museum where many of the artefacts removed from the sites are on display; Paestum where we have Greek ruins as opposed to Roman.

If it is relaxing and shopping you are looking for, Sorrento or Positano may be what you need.  Plenty of shops and cafes and some great places to just sit and people watch.

We also offer half day tours that last around 4/5 hours so if it is just one place that you want to see, for example Pompeii, Herculaneum or Positano - not a problem.  We can take you there and have you back on board for lunch!

Remember too that we also organise shared tours where you can enjoy your day with fellow cruisers, enjoy each others’ company and share the cost!

Looking for a cruise that has Salerno, Italy as a port of call?

Here are some of the cruise liners that sail to the cruise port of Salerno:

Celebrity Infinity; Emerald Princess; Pacific Princess; Island Princess; Crown Princess; Disney Magic; Marella Discovery 2; Saga Ocean Cruises Spirit of Discovery; ms Veendam; ms Koningsdam; AIDAmira; mv Aegean Odyssey; Brilliance, Vision and Rhapsody of the Seas RCI; Costa neoRiviera; P&O Arcadia; P&O Aurora;