Neapolitan Caffe Sospeso

This humble, generous and anonymous act of kindness is having a revival throughout Europe.

This humble, generous and anonymous act of kindness is having a revival throughout Europe.

A tradition which started in Naples Italy, a city that is often attacked by many nations unfairly, shows that beneath the surface the Neapolitan people do have the a kind heart and a very caring nature. 

Originating in the coffee shops of Naples Italy some 100 years ago.  A individual who has made some extra money, goes for a social coffee  and does not only pay for his own coffee but purchases an extra coffee, to be suspended, held in lieu for a less fortunate person. 

This gesture spread thoughout italy, via word of mouth, the internet, and then around the world from Sweden to Brazil, and sometimes this kind act can extend to food, a suspended pizza, a sandwich and even books.

Naples Italy has many facets, grit, beauty, chaos and crime, but despite all these or because of them, when faced with hardship the citizens of Naples Italy are famed for there solidarity.  

No one here seems to know precisely when or how the suspended coffee began. The fact that it  started in Italy shows  the small kindnesses that Italians are known for — and also of the special place that coffee occupies in theirculture.  No lingering over a coffee here, arrive , order and within a couple of minutes you will be finished.  The Barista's are smartly dressed and coffee experts, and of course do not forget to drink the glass of water presented with your coffee.

This is happening all over Europe, in all weathers, in little coffee shops, and all started in the back streets of Naples.  A kind act, and well received by the less fortunate, who have a hot drink and a little warmth on a cold windy wet day.


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